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"36 years of Christian Education, ministry preparation experience"

Amora Deliverance Theological Institution continues to enjoy its God given mandate to "equip the saints to work the ministry."-Ephesians 4:12  Since its inception in the late 60's under the visionary founder, mentor and anointed vanguard leader, Apostle Arturo Skinner, Chief Apostle of the Deliverance Bible Institute and the Deliverance Evangelistic Centers worldwide, we have continued that journey.  Celebrating the education and development of various ministry gifts, such as, apostles, prophets, evangelist, pastors and teachers, church administrators and auxiliaries, the establishment of places of worship, as well as issuing degrees at every level of Christian education.  Our eternal motto of "never a graduation, always a continuation" is the single most core value that has guided and driven us since our continued journey in 1981. 

​    Get ready for the journey and challenge of your life.  We anticipate your arrival.

Yours because of Christ,

​Dr. Lonnie Sesssoms, Jr., Ph.D.


Florida Christian University grew from Florida Theological Seminary, founded in 1985, by the first president Rev. Dr. Harold L. Shindoll, ThD. The seminary was the visionary foundation of Florida Christian University. Undergraduate and Graduate students in “Biblical Studies,” “Pastoral Leadership,” and “Theology” may have their diplomas with the title of either “Florida Christian University” or “Florida Theological Seminary.” These “Biblical Studies,” “Pastoral Leadership,” and “Theology” courses will apply for a degree for graduation from either “Florida Christian University” or “Florida Theological Seminary.” In the beginning academic programs were limited to classes at the Orlando campus. But distance learning education programs by video, independent study, and online provided for the university’s Global Outreach to meet the growing student interest. Upon the death of its founder Dr. Shindoll in 1998, his wife, Mrs. Dr. Floralee A. Shindoll, PhD was elected president and later President Emeritus. In 1999 Dr. Anthony Portigliatti PhD, was elected President and Chancellor with substantial institutional growth in the academic programs and global outreach which included University programs. The University promotes global outreach distance learning education programs by video, independent study, and online. The University supports the development of both campus and distance learning education programs with qualified faculty and use of state of the art technological infrastructure. Courses are offered in English, Spanish and Portuguese. The University develops adjunct instruction in different areas with the participation of international adjunct instructors invited to these events. Florida Christian University is the center of ministerial development and support for Florida Theological Seminary, American Ministers Association and Global Reach Christian Church.

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Two to Four Years

Your future is awaiting  you at Amora Deliverance Theological Institution.     

Graduation Class of the Deliverance Bible Institute in Newark, New Jersey of which Dr. Queen E. Sessoms was a graduate of one of the classes



Small classes with caring professors open the world to you, practical experience – internships, service learning – helps you find your place in it.

Manhatten Bible Institute  of New York, where Apostle Arturo Skinner received not only his Christian Education, but also the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Healthy Carolinians of Cumberland County, Inc./ Healthy Communities Partnership and Initiatives

A Special Rhema Word/Self Study by Dr. Lonnie Sessoms, Jr.

The Florida Christian University, formerly, the Florida Theological Seminary under the directorship of Dr. Harold and Flora Lee Shindoll.

​Under the pioneering leadership of Dr. Shindoll, Apostle Sessoms received his Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Studies degree.

Dr. Lonnie and Dr. Queen E. Sessoms, founders of Amora Deliverance Theological Institution, which has its roots in the Deliverance Bible Institute of Newark, New Jersey.

A Special message from the Founder/Chancellor

Apostle Arturo Skinner

Founder of

The Deliverance Bible Institute

Newark, New Jersey

Special Autobiography of Apostle Lonnie Sessoms, Jr.

Duty Call: Rendezvous with Destiny

ADTI Honorary Degree Recipients



Our graduates are thoroughly equipped to serve the body of Christ in a vast area of Christian vocation whether it is in pastoring, teaching, or church administration and government.

Your Adventure Begins..........

Our Motto:  " Never a graduation, always a CONTINUATION"

ADTI is a UNC Board of Governors Religious Exempt Institution


We train the Body of Christ toward REAL-WORLD-MISSION.  We do not issue secular degrees.

Welcome to an amazing venture in Christian Education!

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